Web Based Email

Do you need E-mail?

More and more the internet is becoming one of our primary medias of communication.  The ability to send messages to friends, family and business associates around the corner or around the world is no longer a creature comfort.  Rather, it is a necessity.  One of the big disadvantages with this new mail system is that you must have the software available to you to connect and retrieve your mail. 
Get it anywhere!

Gammasoft has introduced for all of its clients Web based E-mail.  As part of your package with us, you will have the capability to get your mail from anywhere.  Now, when in an airport, library or even over seas, you can keep in touch. This version includes an address book and  folders to keep things simple. 
Seeing is believing.

Since we believe that a good product sells itself, we give you the chance to try our WebMail for yourself. Just to keep things to a demo, we have disabled the address book and the folder features.  However, you can still use it to check your mail.